2012 Oakley Sports Vimeo video

Stage 2, Almonte, Criterium stage 2

Ottawa marathon first place men's winner Laban MOIBEN from Trento, KENYA with a course record of 2:09:12.9

2012 UCI Cross-Country and Downhill Mountain bike World Cups June 23 and 24 at Mont-Sainte-Anne

The bicycle has provided freedom, and transportation for countless generations throughout the years. The exact origin of the bicycle is shrouded in mystery, and the fact is we may never know exactly when the first bicycle was created.

Ken McGinn asked Joe Breeze, Charlie Kelly and "Klunkerz" film maker Billy Savage a couple of questions about Mountain Bike history.

"Running the Sahara in 111 Days" An interview with Ray Zahab on running 7,500 kilometers across the Sahara desert, Africa in 111 days. November 2, 2006 to February 20, 2007.

If you mention the name Babluck around the drag snowmobile racing world in eastern North America people will always know who you’re talking about. Brothers Jeff and Roger Babluck have been building, racing and breaking records on drag motorcycle...