Canadian Motocross Racing 2007

2013 MX101 IronMan Series at San Del Lee Photos!

Red Bull Girls and the red bull car at Sand Del Lee, Ontario Canada May 4

MX101 IronMan Series Event 1 and 2 at San Del Lee, Ontario Canada May 4 & 5, 2013

"Where the Trail Ends..." Freeride mountain biking teaser coming September 2012

Practice at Sand Del Lee, Ontario Sunday July 29,2012 Jeremy Medaglia #15.

Wake up...Drink MUD. That is the battle cry for INFINIT Nutrition's newest product, MUD. Inspired by mountain bikers but appealing to all athletes, MUD is a coffee/mocha-flavored, pre-race meal replacement or recovery drink loaded with protein, natural chocolate, aminos, premium flax and 3 carbs.

I can still remember the first time in 1988 when I entered a race at Mont Sainte Anne as an expert.