Mont Sainte Anne Quebec, Canada Mountain Bike Paradise

I have been going to Mont Sainte Anne since 1988 in some manner, whether it be as a participant or lately as a videographer/ photographer, and the one thing that hasn't changed is the excitement that this great venue generates. I can still remember the first time in 1988 when I entered a race at Mont Sainte Anne as an expert. Back in 1988 my favourite event was the "enduro" which was a point to point circuit race that never covered the same trail twice. This for me was the best because I had so much fun racing through the forest never knowing what amazing obstacle or single track lay ahead. I didn't care if I won or lost that event because I just had the best time enjoying the challenging terrain of Mont Sainte Anne which is part of the Laurentian Mountains north of Montreal ,Canada. I remember finishing the race and wanting to go back and do the course over again because I had so much fun. There I was standing in front of the podium amongst racers like Pierre Harvey and Bob Tyson who I know had just as much fun as I did, and who I looked up to for all that they had accomplished throughout their careers. I had no Idea how I did in that race, and it didn't matter. All of sudden I thought I heard my name being announced, I snapped out of my trail induced daydream. I realized that I had placed third after some friends pushed me toward the podium. Placing third was just as good as winning in my mind because the real reward was the being able to ride through some of the best trails in the world. It's different now covering the event as a photographer because it is no longer the small weekend event that it was in 1988 it has grown to be one of the premier destinations on the mountain bike world cup circuit. There are a couple of things that haven't changed, the excitement is still in the air and the trails remain to be discovered

Mont Sainte Anne Gondola

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