Red Bull X-Alps 2013

In this episode, Toma travels from the Matterhorn to Mont Blanc, but flight problems created a massive delay along the way. Find out how Toma Coconea finished in this incredible race. The Red Bull X-Alps is billed as 'the world's toughest adventure race'. Paraglider pilots race from Salzburg to Monaco by flying and running only; to simply cross the finish line demands expert paragliding skills, outrageous endurance and cojones the size of cantaloupes. In the last two X-Alps events, Toma Coconea from Romania has come in 2nd place, narrowly missing out on the top spot in both events. This 5-part web series will follow Toma's return to the Red Bull X-Alps, and his willingness to risk everything for the win. Filmed/edited by by Mateffy Istvan. Thanks to Red Bull for additional footage Music: Soleilxlune - In the Frontline Red Bull X-Alps 2013: Toma Coconea, Silver to Gold, Ep. 4