Xtreme Canada 150



Ottawa to Vancouver

I thought I would share this epic cross-Canada journey that I have been planning for ten years. I will be driving my Ford Escape from my home in Ontario to Vancouver Island this summer and I will be filming, photographing and documenting the entire trip.

In 2005 I successfully rode my Intense M1 downhill bicycle across Canada from Ontario to Whistler BC. I attempted to do this current route in 2007 but got stopped 1k into it at Espanola Ontario by the OPP because of the death of my Father.

The main purpose for this trip and documentary is to promote the country and have a great time. I will be pretty much freestyling the whole trip solo and camping along the way. This will be a great opportunity to meet new people and see friends I haven't seen in a long time.

I have a standing sfoc for Ontario and plan on capturing lots of UAV video and photography in my home province. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me during this trip please message me and I will make arrangements to meet up.

I have a limited budget which will pretty much be spent on traveling expenses.That doesn't mean I can't pay. I am in the process of getting permission to film "ground based video and photography" in some of the most popular National parks. I will not be filming with a UAV in our National parks because that is not permitted unless approved by the superintendent of parks.

I would love to capture some UAV footage on crown land or obtain permission to film on private property if anyone here knows of some destinations within their sfoc's or that I could apply for a sfoc beforehand.

I will be leaving as soon as possible within the next two weeks. This map is tentative and will probably change I am sure.